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Introduction to Spokane County’s Biggest Job Fair

Spokane County is gearing up for its largest job fair event, providing a significant platform for employers and job seekers to connect. This event, sponsored by KHQ Right Now, is highly anticipated each year, marking a crucial opportunity for local businesses to find skilled candidates and for job seekers to find employment opportunities that match their qualifications and career aspirations.

Importance of the Job Fair

The job fair serves as a vital conduit between the local workforce and the businesses that fuel Spokane’s economy. For employers, the event is a chance to meet and evaluate a broad spectrum of candidates in a dynamic, face-to-face setting. Job seekers benefit from direct access to hiring managers, learning more about the companies, and potentially securing job offers.

Benefits for Employers

Participating in Spokane County’s biggest job fair offers numerous advantages to employers. Firstly, it streamlines the hiring process by allowing them to meet a large number of potential candidates in a single day. Additionally, it enhances their visibility in the community, promoting their company culture and values directly to the workforce. This interaction can significantly improve their brand recognition and attractiveness as an employer in the competitive job market.

Benefits for Job Seekers

For job seekers, the fair is not just about finding a job; it’s about discovering opportunities where they can thrive, learn, and grow. It enables face-to-face interaction with potential employers, which can sometimes lead to on-the-spot interviews and job offers. Furthermore, it’s an excellent opportunity for networking, providing insights into industry trends and demands, and perhaps guidance on career development strategies.

Registration Details for Employers

Employers interested in participating in the job fair are required to register beforehand. The registration process involves submitting company details and the types of job openings available, as well as any specific requirements for potential candidates. It’s important for employers to provide comprehensive information to be aptly matched with suitable candidates attending the fair.

How to Register

Registration can be completed online through the official Spokane County job fair website. Employers will need to fill out a registration form, including their company information, job vacancies, and any special booth setup requirements. A confirmation email will be sent upon successful registration, along with a packet containing details about the event logistics, setup instructions, and day-of-event activities.

Important Dates and Deadlines

It is crucial for interested companies to mark their calendars with the registration deadlines and the date of the job fair. Typically, the deadline for registration is a few weeks prior to the event to allow for proper planning and coordination. Employers are encouraged to register early, as space is limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Maximizing the Job Fair Experience

To make the most out of the job fair, employers should prepare thoroughly. This includes having a clear strategy for the type of candidates they are looking to recruit, preparing engaging and informative booth displays, and training staff members who will be representing the company at the fair. Employers should also consider offering workshops or seminars during the fair to attract more candidates to their booths.

Tips for Effective Participation

Effective participation in the job fair requires more than just showing up. Employers should actively engage with attendees, collect resumes, and even conduct preliminary interviews on the spot. Post-event follow-ups are also crucial to maintain the interest of potential candidates and to enhance the company’s image as an engaged and responsive employer.


Spokane County’s biggest job fair, supported by KHQ Right Now, is a critical event for local job growth and economic development. By bridging the gap between employers and job seekers, it fosters a vibrant local employment ecosystem. With proper preparation and active participation, both employers and job seekers can significantly benefit from this event, making it a landmark occasion in Spokane County’s employment calendar.

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