Becoming a Veterinary Technician in Spokane: An Overview

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Introduction to Becoming a Veterinary Technician in Spokane

Becoming a veterinary technician in Spokane offers an engaging career path for those passionate about animal care. This role not only encompasses the technical aspects of veterinary medicine but also requires a compassionate approach towards animals and their owners. Spokane, with its rich array of veterinary clinics, hospitals, and wildlife centers, provides a fertile environment for aspiring veterinary technicians.

Educational Requirements

The first step to becoming a veterinary technician in Spokane is completing an accredited veterinary technician program. These programs typically take two years to complete and are offered at several educational institutions. Spokane Community College, for instance, offers an Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology, which prepares students for the national certification exam.

Accreditation is crucial; therefore, prospective students should ensure that the program they choose is accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Completion of an AVMA-accredited program is necessary to qualify for the Veterinary Technician National Examination (VTNE).

Course Content

The curriculum covers a broad range of subjects including animal anatomy and physiology, clinical techniques, pharmacology, microbiology, and animal nursing. These courses are designed to provide practical and theoretical knowledge necessary for a successful career in veterinary technology.

Certification and Licensure

After completing an accredited program, the next step is to pass the VTNE, administered by the American Association of Veterinary State Boards. This exam is a requirement to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT) in the state of Washington. The Washington State Department of Health requires all veterinary technicians to be licensed to legally work in the field.

Continuing education is also important in this profession. Licensed veterinary technicians in Spokane must complete a certain number of continuing education hours every renewal period to maintain their licensure. This ensures that technicians stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in veterinary medicine.

Job Opportunities and Specializations

Spokane’s diverse landscape of veterinary facilities includes small private practices, emergency animal hospitals, research institutions, and specialty clinics. This diversity allows veterinary technicians to find niche areas that suit their interests and skills. Specialties within the field include dental technology, anesthesiology, emergency care, and zoological medicine, among others.

Work Environment

Veterinary technicians in Spokane can expect to work in a variety of settings such as veterinary hospitals, animal shelters, and labs. Their typical duties include conducting laboratory tests, assisting with surgeries, administering medications and vaccines, and communicating with pet owners about their animals’ health and care.

Challenges and Rewards

The role of a veterinary technician includes its set of challenges, such as handling distressed animals, dealing with emotional situations including euthanasia, and the physical demands of the job. However, the rewards of this career are significant, with the opportunity to make a real difference in the health and well-being of animals every day.

The emotional fulfillment from helping animals and their owners, coupled with the stability and growth in veterinary jobs, make becoming a veterinary technician in Spokane a worthy pursuit.


Becoming a veterinary technician in Spokane is an accessible career path that promises both personal and professional satisfaction. With the right education and licensure, one can look forward to a dynamic and fulfilling career in veterinary medicine that plays a critical role in the health care of animals.

Those interested should begin by researching accredited programs and preparing for the necessary exams, knowing that at the end of their journey, a rewarding career as a veterinary technician awaits.

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