$1850 an Hour! Full-Time Warehouse Lead Position!

A bustling warehouse environment where a diverse team of workers, led by an enthusiastic warehouse lead, is efficiently organizing and managing various packages and inventory. The scene shows the lead

Exploring the Full-Time Warehouse Lead Position at $18.50 an Hour

Navigating the job market can be daunting, but certain positions stand out due to their promising salary and the benefits they offer. One such opportunity is the full-time Warehouse Lead position, which boasts an appealing hourly rate of $18.50. This role is crucial in the logistics and distribution sectors, and it provides a stepping stone to a rewarding career in warehouse management.

Job Description of a Warehouse Lead

A Warehouse Lead plays a pivotal role in managing daily operations within a warehouse setting. The primary responsibilities of this position include overseeing staff, managing inventory, and ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the warehouse. The role requires not only physical stamina but also strong leadership and organizational skills.

Specific duties typically include but are not limited to:

  • Supervising and directing warehouse staff; ensuring staff follow safety standards
  • Coordinating and tracking shipping and receiving of goods
  • Managing inventory accuracy through monitoring of daily warehouse activities, cycle counts, stock takes and audit of same to verify results
  • Promoting and maintaining a safe and clean work environment
  • Planning and organizing the storage and distribution of goods
  • Solving problems and suggesting improvements within the supply chain
  • Training and evaluating employee performance

Skills and Qualifications

For those interested in a Warehouse Lead position, certain skills and qualifications are typically required:

  • High school diploma or equivalent; some roles might require a bachelor’s degree or college experience
  • Previous experience in warehouse management or a similar supervisory role
  • Proven ability to manage a team
  • Strong organizational and time-management skills
  • Competency in database software and logistics software
  • Physical ability to perform tasks that may require prolonged standing and lifting heavy objects

Salary Expectations and Advancement

At an hourly wage of $18.50, full-time Warehouse Leads can expect to earn around $38,480 annually, assuming a standard 40-hour work week with no overtime. This position not only offers a respectable starting wage but also serves as a gateway to further career advancements in logistics, supply chain management, and beyond. With experience, individuals can move into higher roles such as Warehouse Manager, Operations Manager, or Logistics Coordinator, all of which come with increased responsibilities and commensurately higher pay.

Work Environment

Warehouse Leads typically work in large storage facilities, distribution centers, and factories. These environments can be dynamic and fast-paced, often requiring the Lead to be adaptable and quick on their feet. Safety is a top priority, and the ability to maintain high safety standards is a must. Shifts can vary, including night, weekend, or holiday shifts, depending on the needs of the employer.


For those seeking a role that offers solid pay, opportunities for advancement, and the chance to lead a team, the Warehouse Lead position at $18.50 an hour is a compelling option. It’s a career that demands dedication and hard work but provides the satisfaction of keeping the wheels of industry turning, with the potential for significant professional growth.

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