New Job Opportunities and Economic Trends in Spokane as of June 29, 2024

New Job Opportunities and Economic Trends in Spokane as of June 29, 2024

New Spokane Job Listings on for June 29, 2024

New Job Opportunities in Spokane

As of June 29, 2024, there are several new job listings in Spokane on, providing a snapshot of the current economic and employment trends in the area. These diverse opportunities span various sectors, reflecting the ongoing development and expansion across multiple industries.

One notable listing is for a dentist position at Complete Dental Care. This indicates a growing need for dental services in the Spokane area, highlighting the community’s focus on healthcare. Additionally, Amazon is hiring multiple candidates for the role of Delivery Station Warehouse Associate, suggesting a significant increase in e-commerce activity that necessitates additional warehouse staff to manage the demand.

Skilled Labor and Support Services

H2O Well Service Inc. is seeking a pump technician/assistant, underlining the demand for skilled technicians in the water services industry. However, it’s not all good news for the job market; Spokane County is expected to eliminate full-time open positions due to the 2025 budget, which could have a negative impact on overall employment levels.

In a positive development, the Spokane Workforce Council has secured $1.5 million in childcare funding to support lower-income families. This could significantly aid parents in focusing on their careers without the added stress of arranging childcare. Encouragingly, new jobs in Spokane County are now outpacing quit rates, a sign that the job market is recovering and trending towards stability.

Remote Work and High-Tech Industries

Spokane is also becoming an attractive destination for tech professionals due to the increasing availability of remote work opportunities. This trend could lead to an influx of skilled workers, further diversifying and strengthening the local economy. The upcoming return of the Production and Manufacturing Academy this summer will also play a key role in training workers, preparing them for roles in these crucial sectors.

The Spokane Workforce Council is expanding, as evidenced by a new listing for a full-time Office Assistant, indicating internal growth. Most notably, the new mayor of Spokane is focusing on attracting high-tech jobs and industries, particularly in the aerospace sector. This strategic move has the potential to significantly boost economic growth and innovation in the region.

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